Hi! My name is Dennis, 21 years of age, currently studying Industrial Engineering and Policy Analysis at the TU Delft. I've been involved in the crypto space since the start of 2020 and knew about NFTs early 2021.

In the beginning of the NFT phase, I thought it was out of my financial reach to participate in NFTs, because I only saw all the expensive NFTs sold for multiple thousends of dollars such as the cryptopunks. Eventually, I started to read more about NFTs and the possibilities of NFTs for the future. I am a believer that to achieve mainstream usage, NFTs have to evolve to a mostly utility-based system instead of art.

I think this evolution is proven by the massive succes of the BAYC and Otherdeed. During this journey I wanted to buy an NFT, not to flip, but to use as a profile picture on my social media platforms. Unfortunately, I was not able to find one that looked cool and looked like me in real life. I do not think I am the only one that is interested in this, so I started looking at the possibilities. During this process, I did not just saw a business opportunity, but also a possibility to help other people get an NFT to identify themselves online. My dream is to make this possible for everyone and also give a lot of utility to the believers in this project.

I believe that an NFme can be so much more than only a fun JPEG of yourself, but can also give access to so many cool things as a verification process online or a proof of access in real life.



Hi! My name is Sam, 21 years of age, currently studying Business IT & Management at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I've been involved in the crypto space since mid 2020 and learned about NFT's during 2021.

For me, NFT's was a topic I just couldn't find the purpose of. In my eyes it was just a JPEG image that was sold online. Once I started to learn more about NFT's, I realised I was missing out a whole world of information about it. I discovered that NFT's could provide for so much more than just flipping them, and that is what NFme is all about. We want to create utility with our project by creating an identity for people online, but also by adding value in the real world. Think about close communities and partnerships, where NFme's will be used for various purposes.

My goal is to convince people that a NFme is more than just an image, and to encourage them to be a part of this innovative, utility-based project.