Our Goals

Initially we wanted to create a platform where people can get 1 step closer to creating their own digital, non-fungible identity. This starts with a cool NFT that represents yourself in real life. This NFT can be the main point of your social media pages and hopefully more.

We say this, because our goal is to make sure that next to an awesome NFT designed personally for you we can provide as much cool utility as possible. This utility will not only be online but also in the real world. We want to collaborate with as much companies as possible to make sure your NFme will be your 'ticket' to discounts, events, networks and digital platforms.

With the implementation of NFT technology still in a early stage, we want to anticipate all the big use cases of NFTs in the digital world and make those accessable to holders of a normal or exclusive NFme. Every drop will have it's own specific theme that will come with exclusive use cases and standard use cases. To make sure we can give as much Utility as possible to our NFme family it is important for us to build a social media following to reach out to those big businesses for collaborations.

So if you want to help this project and yourself please drop us a follow by clicking on the symbols at the bottom of the page!