World Cup Heroes

Football fans beware! With the new 'World Cup Heroes' drop, you can select a Cartoon style design in the style of your nation! You can select your team until the end of the World Cup, and cheer them on in Web3!

The best of it all: 50% of all the drops profits are going to Amnesty International, to support them in the battle for human rights.

Pop Art Partners

Howdy entrepreneurs!

NFme is back with the second collection called 'Pop Art Partners'. This collection fully focuses on bringing parties together, and strives for a unmatched cooperation. Holders of these 'Pop Art Partners' NFme's get a unique affiliate link, to create partnerships like never before. This, with a pop art NFme as a shining center point, guarantees a successful cooperation!

The Originals

The Originals is the first collection of the NFme project. The originals are the base artworks with one of the base artworks and the originators of the recent NFT craze: The CryptoPunk. The holders of the originals will be remembered and praised as the first investors in this collective project named NFme.