Why an NFme?

An NFme is a cool way to identify yourself online with the use of blockchain technology. NFme uses the ethereum blockchain to provide an use case for blockchain technology that doesn't get impacted by the volatile market. NFmes are avatars for your social media presence that can provide utility to the user. The project works in drops that have their own theme and their own utility with that theme. This way we can provide use cases other than using it as an avatar as well. This means that owning an NFme can help you in the future with gaining acces to events, help you expand your network and provide discounts as the project grows. Everyone has a social media presence but almost nobody owns their own online presence. With an NFme you become your real online self.

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Our Goals

NFme is an utility based NFT project where we want to provide as much utility in both worlds. Not just an personalized NFT for your digital personality, but also utility that creates value in the real world!

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About Us

We are Sam and Dennis, two passionate people who want to create a NFT based project that not only gives you a personalized NFT, but also utility in unique ways.

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